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What is a Control Account?

control account

The primary purpose of a control account is to detect errors in subsidiary ledgers. But they also provide other advantages to a business, such as allowing it to draw its trial balance from the general ledger. Control accounts are an essential component of double-entry accounting and constitute the basis of the general ledger. These reports summarise each sub-ledgers total balance, allowing a streamlined analysis of a company’s balance sheet without the lengthy details contained in each.

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  • For example, all payables entered on one given day will be collected from the subsidiary ledger and recorded a summary on the accounts payable control account.
  • If there is a discrepancy with these totals, then there is an error somewhere in the books which must be identified and corrected.
  • However, if you’re still using a manual ledger system, the purpose of control accounts is to take the balance of the accounts in the subsidiary ledgers and post the total into the general ledger.
  • Control accounts for accounts receivable must match the subtotals of the customer balances in the sub-ledger.

(iii) It facilitates prompt preparation of profit and loss account and balance sheet at the end of each period by providing stock figures quickly. During the Mauryan Empire in India, Chanakya wrote a manuscript similar to a financial management book. There are few precise details regarding the maintenance of a sovereign state’s books of accounts in his book Arthashastra. Chartered accountant Michael Brown is the founder and CEO of Double Entry Bookkeeping. He has worked as an accountant and consultant for more than 25 years and has built financial models for all types of industries.

Control Account

A control account is a summarized account used to maintain records of individual accounts included in the ledger. The control account helps to clarify and verify information from a subsidiary ledger. Using a control account like this enables management to have more control over ledger posting, which helps to prevent fraud and misrepresentation. Control accounts help keep the general ledger clean and allow hundreds of accounts to be listed under a single figure. If something goes wrong and the balances don’t line up, having a control account makes it easier to spot and correct the problem. There are many benefits to using these accounts as part of your accounting system.

control account

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Subsidiary accounts are used to provide support and detailed information on a related account type. A common example of a control account is the general ledger account entitled Accounts Receivable. The details of a control account will be found in a corresponding subsidiary ledger. The control account keeps the general ledger clean of details, but contains the correct balances used for preparing a company’s financial statements. When comparing the control accounts and subsidiary accounts, both ending balances should match. If the control account balance doesn’t match the subsidiary ledger, a mistake in calculations may have been made.

The total for all the accounts is taken and put into the A/R control account. The balance appears in the general ledger and in financial statements. While subsidiary accounts are critical for recording a company’s transactions, control accounts allow for high-level analysis by simply focusing on the balances of each account. They are especially important for reconciliation in large companies with a high volume of transactions when only the balance of the account is needed. The balance of the control account should always be equal to the balance in the subsidiary ledger accounts.

Balance Sheet

The general ledger account that sums the subsidiary accounts is said to control the balances that are reported in the ledger. This makes sense because the subsidiary accounts are not directly reported in the GL. They are summarized and posted to the control account that in turn appears in the GL.

control account

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An Example of a Control Account

However, some companies may have control accounts for inventory, fixed assets and payroll as well. Control accounts are meant to keep a company’s general ledger clean of details. They still need to have the correct financial information needed to prepare the company’s financial statements. Control accounts are clean entries that match overall amounts in more detailed ledgers. Control accounts are an important component of double-entry accounting and make up the foundation of the general ledger.

  • Listing each debtor account individual account would clutter a general ledger, so those accounts could be listed in a subledger and consolidated in a control account.
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  • When considering this accounting technique, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages involved.
  • Control accounts could also be used for accounts payable, equipment, and inventory.
  • Each day the total of the day’s credit sales and the day’s collections are posted to this account.

Similarly, a The Starting Salary for Accounting Firm Lawyers is also maintained for each of the other subsidiary ledger. The objective of opening a control account for cost ledger is to complete the double entry and to make the cost ledger self-balancing. A control account is a summarised account that maintains the records of the individual accounts in the ledger, and that is clarified and re-verified regularly. As a result of following this procedure, the management can create control over the ledger posting, which prevents the possibility of fraud and misrepresentation.